Point Related to Housing & Urban planning Department

Implementation progress of development authorities/awas vikas
Point Nos. as per DIPP Recommendations/Issues
Construction Permit Enablers
62 Enact a comprehensive formal building code appicable to the entire State.
63 Ensure that the building code/building buy-laws includes provisions for risk-based classification of building.
64 Ensure that the building code includes accreditation programs and clear responsibilities and liabilities for professionals includes architechs and engineers engaged in the constructions process.
65 Design and implement a system at all ULBs adn IDC that allows building permit issuing agencies to asscss building plan for compliance with building codes/building byt-laws using autoCAD (or similar)software.
66 Mandate that single, joint site inspection will be carried out various governement authorities responnsible for granting construction permits at all ULBs and IDCs.
67 Develop legally valid master plan/Zonal plan/land use plans for all urban areas (ULBs).
68 Make the master plans/zonals plans/Land used plans for all ULBs online for easy information availability to assist applicants in devolping buildings plans.
69 Define mendatory qualification for architects, structural engineers and contractors.
70 Allow aproval based on third party certification (during construction and/or completion stage , as applicable) of structural design and architectural drawings by authoriszed structural engineers and architects respectively accross all ULBs and IDCs.
71 Allow authorized architects to issue the completion certificate at all ULBs and IDCs, in inserted of requiring a saparate completion certificate to be issued
75 Establish a dedicated conflict resolution mechanism for land and construction permits.
Bulding Plan Aprovals
76 Ensure information prcedure and a comprehensive list of all documents that need to be provided are avalibal on the website for aproval for building plan.
77 Define cleare time lines mandated through legislation for aproval of complete application for building plan aproval.
78 Design and implement a system that allow online application and payment without the need for a physical tuch points for documents submission and verification for aproval of building plan .
79 Insure that the system allow user to download the final Signed aproval certificated for the online portal.
80 Allow third parties to easily verify approval certificate in the public domain for building plan approval.